Local Authority Districts by Category (1-6)

How to use this map

  1. Enter the school’s postcode in the search box to be shown its location
  2. Zoom out to view the borders of the LAD that the school is in
  3. Click the spot in the middle of the area to view details
  4. The number in the ‘category’ field shows the LAD category (yellow spots are category 5, pink are category 6)
  5. Click ‘view larger map’ if needed

Opportunity Areas

  • Yorkshire & Humber: Scarborough, Bradford, Doncaster
  • North West: Blackpool, Oldham
  • East Midlands: Derby
  • West Midlands: Stoke
  • East of England: Norwich, Fenland, East Cambridgeshire, Ipswich
  • South West: West Somerset
  • South East: Hastings