The Maths and Physics Chairs Programme

maths-and-physics-chairs-logo The Maths and Physics Chairs programme is a government supported initiative that seeks to increase the supply of maths and physics teachers with high-level subject expertise in non-selective state schools. The Chairs Programme was launched through Researchers in Schools in May 2014 and works to recruit outstanding postdoctoral researchers to train and teach in non-selective state schools.

Originally, the Chairs Programme only supported participants to train as maths or physics teachers, but since 2018 the programme has been expanded to cover all subjects in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc).

  • The Maths and Physics Chairs Programme specifically aims to recruit postdoctoral trainees – known as Chairs – to train and teach from September 2019, where individuals work to share their subject expertise and inspire the next generation of mathematicians and physicists
  • The long-term aim of the programme is to fuel the pipeline of 16-18 year olds progressing to study at A-level and then university and/or into employment in sectors.
  • Beyond this, the programme also works to disseminate the subject knowledge, resources and expertise of Chairs to schools and pupils across the education sector.
  • The Department for Education provides generous financial support to Chairs, either through a Chairs Bursary or a Salary Uplift

The Brilliant Club is the delivery provider of the Maths and Physics Chairs programme. Every candidate who secures a place as a maths or physics trainee on the salaried route of the RIS programme will automatically be eligible for the salary uplift and associated benefits. Candidates wanting to become a chair must apply through the normal RIS application process.