Programme Overview

Why does RIS exist?

In the UK today, there is an entrenched link between household income and educational success. Pupils from low-income backgrounds are far less likely than their wealthier peers to attain five good GCSE grades, progress to higher education or have a fulfilling career.

The Researchers in Schools programme tackles this by mobilising the research community to become outstanding classroom teachers, as well as champions of evidence-based practice and higher education.


How is the programme structured?

The Researchers in Schools programme takes place over an initial two-year period. The third year of the course is optional for all subjects but highly recommended. 


Summer Training (Mid-August 2018)

Start with our pre-programme induction course, facilitated by education experts from The Brilliant Club and the wider education profession.

Attend sessions on career transition into secondary education, design of your Uni Pathways course, and widening participation strategies.


Year One (2018-19)

Train one day per week with our regional ITE providers towards achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Spend three days per week in the classroom, building up to independent teaching through a structured programme of observation, advice and feedback delivered by school-based education experts.

Use one day of protected time per week to deliver Uni Pathways, supporting pupils with their exam grades and university qualifications. Use the rest of your day to pursue research-based activities.


Year Two (2019-20)

Having achieved QTS, complete your Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year.

Move to teaching four days per week and continue to take one day per week to deliver Uni Pathways.

Receive on-going professional development training provided by The Brilliant Club and our partners.

Year Three and Beyond

In the third year, you will have the opportunity to complete a leadership qualification recognised by the wider teaching profession. It will equip you to disseminate your subject knowledge and research expertise by delivering a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions to other teachers.  This presents an excellent opportunity to focus your research skills on teaching practice and share this knowledge within your school. In agreement with your school, you’ll continue benefit from protected time to work towards the charity’s mission.

Progression to the third year of the programme is optional for both participants and schools, and is conditional on participants meeting the requirements of the programme across years one and two.


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Read about what current RIS participants have done on the programme and how this has impacted their pupils and schools.

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