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The Researchers in Schools programme will support you to become an excellent secondary school teacher and maximise the benefits that having a PhD brings to your new career in teaching. You will use your highly sought-after subject knowledge and understanding of higher education to help more young people from underrepresented backgrounds progress to university

As part of our three-year programme, you’ll receive:

  • A dedicated programme officer to support you to transition into teaching and help you maximise your impact
  • Support to complete our fully-funded Research Leader in Education award
  • One day a week of protected time to develop and deliver research-informed projects and activities for your pupils and colleagues
  • Access to generous funding whilst you train

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Hear from our participants

You can find out more about our participants’ projects, experiences and impact on the programme by reading our two case studies below.

Paulina Guerrero Gutiérrez, Biology

Paulina completed her PhD in Science Education at Kings College London and and now works as a teacher of Biology at Debden Park High School in Essex.

Using her links to the academic world, Paulina has created the “Skype a Scientist” sessions. Once a term, a Skype call has been set up in order to present people of different backgrounds and at different stages in their careers so that students realise that the scientific community is diverse, and allows them to consider this as a path for themselves in the future.

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Alex McGaw, Maths

Alex joined the programme as a member of our 2018 cohort. He completed his PhD in Pure Maths at the University of Manchester and now works as a Maths teacher at Essa Academy in Bolton.

Alex has covered advanced topics which pupils generally struggle with, including transformations of graphs, trigonometric graphs, and proofs. He ran 8 classes for a specifically targeted 8-10 pupils. Alex also organised and ran the national UKMT intermediate and junior Mathematics challenges. His Uni Pathways project focused on how Google Maps plans routes.

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You can view more about our particpants’ projects in our 2016 cohort RLE review by clicking the image to the left.


Feedback from Alex, Paulina and their colleagues

“The initial attraction was that it is a bespoke programme for PhD graduates - it felt like the programme was designed for me, compared to a PGCE or another route into teaching. To be part of the education research community was important to me as well. I want to influence the way maths is taught in schools and influence my colleagues with evidence-informed teaching strategies. When I broke it down, RIS was the only route for me.”
Dr Alex McGaw

Maths Teacher, Essa Academy, Bolton

“Alex’s commitment to delivering a high quality education and engendering a love of his subject in his students is unwavering. He has been a huge asset to Essa Academy, both in the classroom, and in his willingness to involve himself in the wider life of his school.”
Matthew Wilkinson

Alex's subject mentor, Essa Academy, Bolton

“University Pathways is an extraordinary opportunity for students to improve their writing, subject knowledge, and critical skills; and to increase their confidence to progress into highly selective universities.”
Paulina Guerrero Gutiérrez

Biology Teacher, Debden Park High School, Essex

“During Uni Pathways, I have learnt how to reference my work. I have also learnt about how you learn at university (tutorials, lectures, etc). Another thing I learnt is how to structure a university level essay.”
One of Paulina's Pupils

Debden Park High School

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