Our Application Process

Researchers in Schools is delivered by The Brilliant Club in partnership with sector-leading initial teacher education providers. The Brilliant Club is responsible for screening applications, recommending candidates for assessment and organising the logistics of assessment centres. Assessment centres are held by ITE providers, with the provider and The Brilliant Club making a joint decision on whether to accept candidates, and offer them a place on both RIS and the ITE provider’s School Direct training programme.


1. Application Form

The application form is the first step in the application process and can be found here.

The form helps us to assess your suitability for the programme, as well as collect the required personal information for your registration.

If your application meets our success criteria, it will be held in a pool until we match you to a suitable assessment centre based on your preferred region and subject.

View the form here


2. Assessment Centre

Assessment centres are held throughout the year. In competitive subjects and regions, places may fill up before the end of 2017. We advise you to apply early to ensure the best chance of being matched to an assessment centre that meets your preferences.

The requirements of the assessment centre may vary across providers, but you can expect to:

  • deliver a mini-lesson on a given subject,
  • complete a written self-evaluation of your mini-lesson,
  • take part in a group activity with fellow candidates,
  • have a one-to-one or panel interview with the assessment team

If your application is considered by more than one ITE provider you may need to attend more than one assessment centre.


3. Conditional Offer

If you are successful at the assessment centre stage, you will be made a conditional offer to join the RIS programme. The ITE provider that assessed you will liaise with placement schools within its network to find a placement based on your preferred region and subject.

Where no available placements match your preferences, we will work with providers to find potential placements. For a minority of applicants, we cannot guarantee placements will be available, though we will keep you fully updated and seek to find alternatives.

At the end of the recruitment period, there may be a clearing process, in which current vacancies are made available to pooled candidates.


4. Placement

As well as your placement being conditional on us locating a school for you, there are additional conditions that will be outlined in your offer letter. These include:

  • Completing a UCAS application
  • Passing the professional skills tests
  • Providing qualification certificates, as well as a statement of comparability for international candidates
  • Ensuring you have the right to work in the UK, including working with your school to complete all necessary sponsorship requirements
  • Undergoing an enhanced DBS check

Once the conditions detailed in your offer letter have been satisfied, you will be ready to start your employment with your placement school at the beginning of September and to begin the RIS programme.

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