Unique Benefits to Participants

All participants receive a competitive salary whilst on the programme. In addition to this, the programme offers a host of benefits that help our researchers bring their expertise into the classroom.

Protected time to focus on the RIS aims

One day per week

To help you make the most of your skills and experience, you’ll have one day per week of protected time to work towards the charity’s mission – the ‘RIS Day’. This will include delivering Uni Pathways, as well as focusing on education and subject research. RIS Days have been used by previous participants in many ways, including the following:

  • Preparation for and delivery of Uni Pathways
  • Continuing subject-specific research, including publishing articles and undertaking research projects
  • Education research projects or engagement with evidence-led practice
  • Widening Participation and university access work
  • Activities to disseminate subject expertise in their placement school or the wider school community

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RIS day case study: Dr Riccardo Porcari

Chemistry teacher at Challney High School for Boys

During my first year, I kept my scientific research going by visiting my laboratory, following a few projects that I had started and managing some external collaboration, all of which enabled me to finalise and publish 10 papers. This meant I could maintain a profile in the academic world whilst bringing fresh and new ideas to the classroom. It was great to bring my first group of Uni Pathways students to my labs in London and to show them how scientific research is done.

Being appointed STEM coordinator at my school meant I was able to launch a series of activities within the science department and the school, including the Tim Peake “Rocket Science” project, where my pupils were able to test how seeds from the international space station with grew on Earth.

Now in my third year, I use my RIS day to plan a study on how extracurricular activities impact pupil attainment and the subsequent impact on the school.


Honorary Research Associate status

Provided by King's College London and the University of Southampton

As part of the programme, you’ll automatically receive Honorary Research Associate (HRA) status, giving you the opportunity to maintain an independent research profile. It also provides you with an academic network that you can use to work towards the charity’s mission. This could include running university access activities to support your Uni Pathways course, or to help expose your pupils to university-level facilities and resources.

Your HRA status will be awarded by a leading, UK-based university and includes the following features:

  • Permission to use your title and the name of the university when publishing work
  • Access to libraries and online resources
  • A link to the Graduate School, research groups and faculties
  • Access to counselling and support services
  • Training opportunities on research methods and resources, as well as on widening participation to university

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Additional benefits


Recognised qualifications

Gaining Qualified Teacher Status through the RIS programme will allow you to teach in any maintained school in England and will make it easier to apply for QTS in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Beyond this, many of our ITE providers allow you to also study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) whilst on the RIS programme, providing you with an internationally-recognised, additional qualification.

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Salary, pension and progression

As well as a competitive salary and pension, your QTS training fees are paid for you. Maths and physics participants are automatically eligible for a government-sponsored salary uplift in Years 1 and 2 through the Department for Education’s Chairs Programme. As you progress through the programme and your career, there will be opportunities to take on departmental or leadership responsibilities, which can increase your earnings.

When you’re employed as a teacher, you’ll also be eligible to join the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. The scheme is amongst the most attractive pension packages available and provides a number of benefits. More on this can be found at www.teacherspensions.co.uk

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